Little Brother is a recording and multi-media studio located on 45th and Baltimore Ave in West Philadelphia. The studio was started in late 2018 to provide a space for artists to create professional quality music and art at an affordable cost. In the short time since founded, Little Brother boasts a proud catalogue of charting records in various genres with artists from all over the country.

Meet Our Staff



Matthew Thirteen is one of the founding members of Little Brother Audio. He received his undergrad from Temple University for Visual Arts and Audio Engineering. Matt has worked with artists such as Iyeyindae, The Band Sheep, Kirstyn Cae, and Median. He is an experienced Ableton Live and Cubase user who is proficient in digital synthesis.


Being located in West Philly, Matt is also very connected and prideful of the community inside and out of the studio.

Being active in the visual arts community respectively; can be found attending art shows selling his own work. He covers a wide variety of arts such as videography, photography, data bending, animation, and digital design.

Tyler Ripley

Rittenhouse Soundworks Control Room.jpg

Tyler Ripley works as an audio engineer/producer at

Rittenhouse Soundworks and Little Brother Audio. He has worked with various acclaimed artists: Michael Ray (Kool and the Gang),

 DOMi, Marshall Allen (Sun Ra Arkestra), Kevin Hearn (Barenaked Ladies)

Joe Genaro (The Dead Milkmen), Vic Juris, Sprite Lee and others.

Tyler also works as an audio engineer for the Philadelphia Eagles, where he received a Super Bowl Ring for his work during the 2017-18 season. His engineering/producing work with the Eagles has been featured on NBC, ESPN, CBS, FOX, and NFL Network, which has been seen by millions of people around the world. 

He founded the indie label, “Free Dive Records”, with the goal of developing Tri-State Area Artists. ​All of its album releases charting in over 10 countries

including, “Good Company” by TWM, debuting at #4 on Apple’s/iTunes Top 200 Albums."Daychange" by Dry Reef, "Off Day" by Median and "Free Floatin'" by Empty Bottles were produced and engineered by Tyler Ripley.

Victor Antonio


Victor Sabatino began working at Little Brother Audio in 2019. Originally fronting the Delaware County rock band Median: he has had a passion for audio from a very young age. He originally began recording with an interest in working on metal but has since expanded into producing all genres.


Victor started working with the likes of Fever Dreams, Schotzi, as well as self-recording a large portion of Median's catalogue. His most recent productions include Brooke Falls, Old Friends, Moonroof and Teahead.